Tips for staying fit while traveling for business

2/6/2015 3:55:57 PM

When you're traveling for business, you may spend a lot of time on trains, in planes and driving car rentals. While you are getting some exercise by walking, it can be difficult to find the time to get in a real work out. Follow these tips to stay fit while traveling:

Drink up
Planes and hotels often have questionable ventilation that can easily dry you out. Bring a reusable water bottle with you when you're on the go so you can easily grab water anywhere. This will also save you money on purchasing bottled water at gas stations and convenience stores along the way. 

Eat healthy
Skip the bag of chips from the hotel mini bar or flight attendant. Opt for a healthier snack like pretzels or nuts. They offer less fat and sodium and are great sources of fiber and protein.

Schedule a workout
Having trouble making time to hit the hotel gym or run a few miles? Block off time in your calendar so that no one can schedule things while you are planning to workout. This way you will have guaranteed time to get in some exercise. Whether it's a quick yoga DVD or even 20 minutes of mindful meditation, you'll be glad you blocked out that time to de-stress and stay fit.



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