Remember these tips for smooth travels

2/25/2015 2:52:18 PM

Life is full of curve balls, even when you're out partaking in business travel. Sometimes things go smoothly and you arrive at your meeting perfectly on time. On other occasions, you can't seem to find the keys to your long term car rental. Stuff happens. Here are some important things to remember to make any trip go more smoothly:

Be patient
Occasionally, problems happen and your flight is delayed. Getting mad about it isn't going to get you in the air any faster. Instead, be patient. Learn to take a deep breath and assess if there is something you can do about the situation. If the weather is bad and your flight is delayed, there is nothing you can do besides let people know your change in travel plans and find somewhere to stay for the night. Focus your energy and attention on being positive and productive, if possible. It's not your fault your luggage was lost or a major storm hit. Your company and client will understand the situation was out of your hands.

Do everything early
A great way to be as prepared as possible is to get anywhere you need to be with at least 15 minutes to spare. This allows for cushion time in case there is traffic or you get lost, which is not all that uncommon when people are traveling away from home.

Have backup
Keep your entire computer backed up to a cloud server and an external hard drive. This way if something is stolen, you still have copies. Also, carry photographs of your birth certificate, passport, license and health insurance card when you are on the road. This way, if you lose one you will still have proof of it in case of some sort of emergency.

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