Consider bringing these medications when you travel

3/3/2015 6:00:01 PM 

There are a lot of variables that you can't control when you take part in business travel. The person in front of you on the plane may adjust his or her seat so you end up in an uncomfortable position, and you might get stuck near a person with a bad cold. Consider keeping these medications with you when traveling:

Pain relievers
Headaches happen when people are stressed or dehydrated and when they drink too much alcohol or caffeine. Keep a small container of pain relievers in your purse or carry-on bag. This will allow for easy access during your flight or to grab when you're stopped at a gas station to fuel up your long term car rental. Your head, or whatever else is hurting, will thank you for being prepared.

Cold and flu medicine
You never know when you will suddenly feel the itch of a soon-to-be sore throat or the beginning of a dripping nose. The air on planes tends to dry out your nasal passages, removing the protective coating of liquid that helps fight off germs. Drink plenty of fluids to help replenish this important lining and keep a non-drowsy cold medicine on hand. At the first sign of possible symptoms, reach into your carry-on and take some of the medicine. Hopefully you will be feeling better and ready to go by the time you land. 


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