Must have business travel apps

5/29/2015 3:31:57 PM

Don't leave home without your phone.

Now more than ever, a smart business traveler cannot afford to forget their cellphone. Not only is it a way to stay in touch with clients and co-workers through calling or texting, but phones these days have applications that can help when on the road.

Here are three apps car rentals customers should have downloaded before their next trip:

Google Maps
This most downloaded - and most up-to-date - map app is a must for travelers. Google Maps can give real-time data to drivers looking for alternate routes because of road closings, and can track traffic for when your rental car is stuck in a jam on the way to a meeting. It also gives the fastest routes for walking and taking public transportation, if you are traveling that way.

Wi-Fi Finder
It can be frustrating to be traveling and not be able to find a place with Wi-Fi to send or receive emails. This app can locate hotspots that will allow your phone to do everything it is capable of without costing you data fees.

Rental cars for business travel may be the first of many expenses you make on a trip. To make sure you are paid back for everything you spend, a detailed expense report is needed. That's where Expensify comes in. The app tracks everything you spend in a simple format to make filing the expense report an easy process. 

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