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Summer Travel Tips

7 tips for fun summer road-trips

  1. Safety first
    Long trips always need fresh eyes. Make sure you have an Additional Driver on your rental to offer the flexibility you need to have a safe drive.
  2. Stay connected
    Avoid backseat boredom and always have a functioning hotspot. Maintaining Wi-Fi = maintaining sanity.
  3. Smooth sailing
    Have quick access to GPS. Updated maps and a strong signal can help keep you out of traffic and on schedule.
  4. Tune in
    Playlists and scratchy FM stations get old quick. Satellite radio gives your car’s vibe an instant boost with music, comedy, sports and more.
  5. Take it easy
    If you’re in a hurry to have fun, fun might pass you by. Make sure to stop, stretch and take in the sights. You’ll relax faster when you slow things down.
  6. Snacks!
    Hanger is real. Stock up on your favorite snacks and drinks for the trip. Your tummy and passengers will thank you.
  7. Plan ahead
    Even if you aren't tired from driving, it’s always smart to schedule rest stops. Call ahead to make sure hotels or camp sites have availability before you arrive.

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