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The simple solution for a stress-free vacation rental.

Your road trip is finally here! All systems are go: You've got the perfect Thrifty ride, and you can't wait to put the windows down, crank the radio and start your adventure.

Now, fast forward to the final hours of your trip. You’re already pressed for time, but you still have one last spot you absolutely MUST check out. You stop in, check it out and revel in how amazing your trip has been. But every good time must come to an end - you get back to the car and get en route when you realize… gasp!... you have to refill the tank before you return your rental. This was not part of the plan. Flustered, you make a U-turn toward the closest gas station, 10 miles in the opposite direction of the Thrifty location.

You can always avoid last-minute inconveniences—and the long lines at the pump—with the Fuel Purchase Option. #Winning.

Here’s how Fuel Purchase Option works:

  1. Purchase the gas in the tank at the time of rental. Our prices are always competitive with local gas stations *

  2. Return your rental at any fuel level—there’s no need to refuel before return

  3. You’re done!

*Prices vary by location and actual vehicle rental. Fuel Purchase Option (FPO) includes prepaying for a full tank of gas at the rental facility. If FPO is selected, you will not receive credit for fuel left in the tank at time of return.

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