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Salem Trip Planner for Hocus Pocus Movie Fans

It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!

It’s hard to believe that Hocus Pocus, one of the greatest Halloween movies ever, is over 20 years old! The nostalgic classic makes being scared, actually really fun, and visiting the movie’s filming locations around real-life Salem, Massachusetts is just as spooky. Gas up your broom, find a virgin to light the black flame candle, and scare up some fun on this Bewitching Hocus Pocus filming locations.

Old Burial Hill Cemetery

Old Burial Hill Cemetery is the final resting spot for Billy “the butcher” Butcherson, an ex-love interest of the witch, Winifred Sanderson, now a full-time zombie and would-be accomplice to Max and his gang. Though most of the nighttime scenes were filmed on a soundstage in California, the day shots were taken at this historic burial hill, founded in 1638. Old Burial Hill is also one of the oldest cemeteries in the country and is home to some of the most unique and interesting gravestone art, including the famous Susanna Jayne headstone. It’s also worth noting that the cemetery is the resting place of Wilmont Redd, one of the actual nineteen victims of the Witch Trials.

A brown sign with gold writing explaining that the area is a burial ground sits on a wrought-iron fence, with green grass, trees and the silhouette of a gravestone on it in Salem, Massachusetts

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8 Ocean Avenue

In the 1993 film, the home at 8 Ocean Avenue in Beverly, MA served as the fictional abode of sibling duo Max and Dani Dennison, newly transplanted residents to the infamous town of Salem, Massachusetts. Throughout the course of their first Halloween night in town, the Dennison duo manages to wake up three witches out of a three-century slumber, a trio that proceeds to wreak havoc on the small town and its residents.

The private home that doubled as the exterior filming location sits at the corner of Ocean Avenue in Salem. It’s a particularly recognizable Hocus Pocus filming location, likely because of the hours spent daydreaming about having a personalized tower in your bedroom.

Please remember that the home is a private residence and that while the owners are okay with visitors taking pictures from the road, walking onto the lawn or porch is trespassing… and it’s super rude, too!

Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall is located in the historic district of Salem and is the oldest surviving municipal structure in the entire city. This historical hotspot doubled as party central in the film, as the spot where the Sanderson Sisters bewitched the townsfolk into shaking their groove thangs well into the night, thus letting the sisters attempt to steal the souls of local children without being disturbed.

In real life, this building is now home to the Salem Museum, a historic destination used to teach visitors about the rich history of Salem, and its fascinating past. The museum hosts exhibits throughout the year, some including Salem History, the Great Salem Fire, and of course the Salem Witch Hysteria.

A colorful, ornate stain glass window is pictured with sun coming through it at Old Town Hall in Salem, Massachusetts

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The Ropes Mansion

In Hocus Pocus, Allison’s mansion-sized house served as the starting point for the evening’s trouble. Ropes Mansion is on Essex Street in the Chestnut Street District in Salem.

The house has been around since the early 18th century, and is now operated by the Peabody Essex Museum. If you’re interested in taking a peek inside, the mansion is open to the general public.

And, of course, since almost all of the filming locations are in Salem, there are loads of other witchy-themed places to visit. From historic sites important to the real-life Salem Witch Trials, to modern-day shops and stores selling candles, spells, potions, and other magical oddities, here you can unleash your inner Sanderson sister!

Are you brave enough to visit Salem, MA, or do you think it’s “just a bunch of Hocus Pocus?” Be sure to share your Salem-Sanderson-sister tips with us on Facebook.

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