The rolling skyline of San Francisco, California is pictured in the background, with afternoon light on the lush green palm trees and bushes in the foreground
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Beatniks, Burritos, and Yoda: 48 Hours in San Francisco

Cable cars, coffee, architecture, and adventure await.

San Francisco is known for many things: its hippie history, its massive and culturally significant Chinatown district, its quirky culture, and its coastal views, all watched over by the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. You’ll want to pack good walking shoes, since the city is pretty hilly, and a sweater, since it’s also notoriously foggy, so you’re totally comfortable as you explore this incredibly diverse and distinctive city.

Delessio Market & Bakery

First stop: Delessio Market and Bakery, best known for their tres leches cake and rabanada (a Brazilian sweet that’s basically bread dipped in custard, fried, and covered in cinnamon-sugar). They also sell pre-prepped food and sandwiches, too. Their version of a boring-sounding grilled chicken sandwich involves onion jam, wild arugula, and aioli on house-made focaccia.

Painted Ladies

The white Victorian- style homes of the Painted Ladies are pictured in the daytime with the skyline of San Francisco, California in the background

Source: Roadtrippers

Take your sandwiches and baked goods to the park to see some of San Francisco’s iconic and colorful Victorian homes, also known as the Painted Ladies. You probably recognize them from the opening credits of the TV show “Full House!” The home used for shots of their actual house is located a few blocks away. The door is no longer red, but if you’re discreet, you can still snap a photo or two.

The Presidio of San Francisco

The roman style architecture of The Presidio of San Francisco are pictured with light brown, roman style columns and buildings in front of a body of water and a clear blue sky in the background in San Francisco, California

Source: Roadtrippers

Not quite as famous as Golden Gate Park, the Presidio is just as loaded with things to see. Inspiration Point offers views of Alcatraz, the Palace of Fine Arts, Angel Island, and art installations along trails make for beautiful hikes, and there’s even a Yoda statue from “Star Wars” hidden here!

Forbes Island Restaurant

Just off Pier 39 is Forbes Island, a sandy paradise with lighthouses, palm trees, and tiki decor… but, full disclosure, it’s not actually an island. Forbes Island sits atop a barge decorated to appear as an island! When it was built in the 1970’s, it was the pinnacle of luxury. Today, it’s a fun novelty destination with a restaurant where you can enjoy dinner with some primo views. A water taxi will ferry you from shore to the island at your reservation time—head to the top of the lighthouse for views of the Bay and Alcatraz, and then ask for a seat in the underwater dining room if you can!

Aub Zam Zam

Then hit up Aub Zam Zam, a beloved, old-school dive that’s the perfect place to disappear for a bit. Known for their exotic, 1940’s decor, their eclectic jukebox, you’ll seriously feel like you’ve stepped into a film noir.

The Marker San Francisco

When you’re ready to call it a night, head to a colorful room at The Maker! The artsy vibes in this boutique hotel are pure San Francisco, and fun details, like a complimentary goldfish upon request, add to the charm.

Sweet Maple

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, start the day off right at a neighborhood gem: Sweet Maple. Deep-fried French toast, brown sugar-coated Millionaire’s bacon, and breakfast pizza are perfect if you’re super hungry, but they also offer lighter options, like sweet potato pancakes and Dungeness crab omelets.

Musee Mecanique

Load up on spare change and head to the Musee Mecanique, an old-school arcade where most of the games were popular well before the 1980’s. An impressive and amusing (and sometimes creepy) collection of machines from the 1930’s through the present day are kept in working condition, and only cost a few cents to play. It’s one of the most impressive displays of vintage games in the world, and everyone loves a museum where you can play with the exhibits!

La Taqueria

Grab some lunch at La Taqueria, a no-frills, cash-only burrito joint that serves up some of the best Mexican food in NorCal. They’re known for offering “traditional, rice-free” burritos, so what you’re really getting is a hand grenade of meat and toppings. Order yours “super”, get a Corona, and snag a spot at a table and get ready to enjoy pure, meaty goodness.

Lombard Street

Rows of white houses and condos line either side of a curved pathway with bright green grass on either side of it, on Lombard Street in San Francisco, California

Source: Roadtrippers

You’ve probably seen pictures of the famously windy Lombard Street before, but it’s the kind of thing you have to see in person to fully appreciate. San Francisco is notoriously hilly, and their way of building streets to compensate for that is one of the city’s most charming quirks.

Pier 39

Large groups of sea lions lay on different piers above the water at Pier 39 in in San Francisco, California

Source: Roadtrippers

Next, visit Pier 39 and the lazy sea lions that call it home. There’s loads to do here, from tours of Alcatraz, souvenir shopping, seafood restaurants, bars, attractions, and more. Whether you just check out the atmosphere and get a picture of the iconic sea lions sunning themselves on the dock, or you spend a full afternoon here doing a tour, it’s absolutely worth stopping by.

City Lights Bookstore

San Francisco is also known for its history with the beatnik scene of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Nowhere in the city is this more celebrated than at City Lights Bookstore. This indie bookstore was founded by famous poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, as the first all-paperback bookstore and a beat publishing house. To this day, it retains an impressive selection of interesting titles.

R & G Lounge

San Francisco is also home to the largest Chinatown outside of Asia. Grab a Peking duck, eat it at a park, or head to R & G Lounge, a Cantonese eatery that makes for a solid option when looking for good Chinese food. TIP: A few solid choices here include the salt and pepper fried crab, clay pots, lettuce cups, and the Peking duck.

Vesuvio Cafe

Another spot rich in history is the Vesuvio Cafe, a European-style coffee shop. This cafe has served up greats like Bob Dylan, Jack Kerouac, Dylan Thomas, Allen Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti, and Francis Ford Coppola. Enjoy the eclectic décor.

Specs’ Twelve Adler Museum Cafe

And if the bookstore and Vesuvio weren’t funky enough for you, then you’ll want to stop at Specs’ Twelve Adler Museum Cafe. Here an eclectic collection of oddities line the walls, there are old beatnik regulars sitting around, (and cheese and crackers), make this a great place to strike up a conversation with the locals.

Best time of year for a quick weekend visit to San Francisco: Summer can get a little busy in San Francisco, but the sun on the coast is worth it if you don’t mind some crowds. Spring is kind of chilly, so the waning warmth of fall makes it a better transitional season. Winters are mild but rainy, so should you choose to visit then, pack an umbrella and wellies.

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