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Common financial slipups to avoid

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 1:35:48 PM

You've put in more than your fair share at work over your career, and now's your time to play. However, don't let all your hard-earned cash go to waste by making common and costly vacation mistakes. After you've picked up your car rental in Tampa, follow these easy money tips to keep yourself in the clear and relaxed during your holiday.

Don't rely on the ATM

We've all come to rely on technology quite heavily in our everyday lives, leaving us shocked when we "arrive" in a spot with limited access to money. No matter how full your bank account may be, if you end up visiting a smaller boutique or diner that doesn't accept cards - yes, they still exist - you'll still be left short without a supply of actual cash. Save yourself any embarrassment and always keep a good day's worth of cash on hand in case a meal has your pockets a little lighter than you were expecting.

Don't let theft destroy your trip

Losing your debit or credit card during vacation can be more frustrating when you're trying to put all of your everyday problems behind you. Investing Answers recommends that you call your bank as soon as you notice your card is gone to minimize any impact that thieves may have on your accounts. If your bank offers theft protection and you haven't already signed up for the service, it would be wise to do so before leaving for Tampa.

That being said, alerting your bank to the fact you're going on vacation can be important as well. If you start making purchases across the state of Florida, chances are you're going to raise some alarm bells. Unusual credit card activity often leads to a temporary freeze on an account, which could put you in an unenviable situation - first you didn't have cash, and now your credit card doesn't work!

Look for Deals

Just because you have money to burn doesn't mean you have to rip through it like wildfire. Using credit cards that offer deals and savings on gas or lodging can be great added bonuses. Many hotels, including several resorts in the Tampa area, offer their guests free gas cards and other perks that can make your stay more convenient and more affordable.

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