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Pregnant Road Trips: What to Expect when Expecting

Planning one last vacation before baby’s big arrival? Chances are if you’re in the last trimester, you already know traveling by air or on a cruise ship is not going to happen, since most restrict travel in the final months of pregnancy. So, heading out for a weekend getaway in a rental car may be the perfect solution. Before you hit the open road, there are some important things every mom-to-be should keep in mind:

  • Buckle up. Many pregnant women scrap the seatbelt for comfort. But it’s better to be a little uncomfortable than to risk your safety. Use both lap and shoulder belts to protect you and your baby.
  • Keep the air bags turned on. It may seem safer to turn them off, but according to the American Pregnancy Association, the benefits of using airbags far outweigh the risks. 
  • Don’t forget water. Becoming dehydrated is a good way to go into labor early. Be sure to drink a lot of water during your road trip. 
  • Take breaks. Just like on long airplane trips, it’s important to walk around every few hours to avoid blood clots. Plan rest stops every couple hours to keep the blood circulating. Like most pregnant moms, you’ll likely be stopping for bathroom breaks anyway, so it’s a great time to do some stretches and move around. 
  • Map out your trip. Know where the nearest hospitals or urgent care centers are located along your route, just in case. Be sure to keep your doctor’s number handy, as well, in case you have any questions. 
  • Dress comfortably. You can always change once you arrive at your destination. So, it’s best to wear your favorite comfy outfit and shoes for the long ride. 
  • Bring some extras. Whether it’s your favorite pillow, book, or must-have snacks, be sure to pack some extras to make your trip more relaxing.

While frequent stops could make your trip a little longer than expected, it’s better to be safe than sorry. It also keeps you more comfortable, relaxed and ready for your vacation.

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