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Pack Light, Travel Light

With most airlines now imposing fees for checked bags and overweight luggage, gone are the days of the weighted-down traveler. Whether you’re going out of town for week or a weekend, it’s almost essential these days that you travel light. Here are some easy packing tricks that can free up major space in your bags:

  • Choose Multipurpose Outfits. If you’re going to need dress pants and casual pants, it’s best to take one pair of black/brown dress pants, for example, and one pair of jeans, and then just alternate your tops and accessories. Most people won’t even notice the difference.
  • Simplify Your Shoes. Much like the example above, many shoes can double as work or casual items. For example, a pair of ladies high-heeled boots can be worn under dress pants at work, and then used with a pair of jeans later that night.
  • Use Sneaky Storage. Sneakers are a great place to stuff items like socks, extra cash, jewelry, even sports bras, without taking up extra space.
  • Utilize your Laptop Bag. Most business travelers don’t go anywhere without their laptops. With all the extra pockets and space, these bags can easily hold additional items like your quart-sized baggie of toiletries, extra purses, and other small items.
  • Leave it at Home. Most hotels now offer items like shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and mouthwash, even body and hand lotion, so it’s not necessary to pack it. Even hairdryers, that used to be major space hogs, are now in most hotel rooms.

Not only do these simple tips keep you from being bogged down by your luggage, they also cut down on stress and help you save on excess baggage fees.

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