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See the Sights of the City After Picking Up Your Thrifty Aguascalientes Car Rent

Aguascalientes, located in North-Central Mexico is an excellent place to learn more about and enjoy Mexico’s rich history and culture. The city’s name means “hot waters” in Spanish, which originated from the beautiful hot springs located throughout the area. After you check out your rental car from Thrifty Aguascalientes Car Rent, it’s time to explore the town.

Jardin de San Marcos

Jardin de San Marcos (8 km from the Thrifty Aguascalientes Car Rental) is a beautiful green oasis in the middle of Aguascalientes. This well-maintained area is a great place to sit back, relax, and spend a restful afternoon with your loved ones. The stunning stone gates, lush landscaping and historical sculptures are a must-see for those who are visiting this city for the first time.

Tres Centurias Park

Tres Centurias Park is a thriving park located just 4 km from the Thrifty Aguascalientes Car Rent. This large outdoor historic site is not like your typical park as it is built around the remnants of the railroad industry and gives you an excellent opportunity to learn about the history of trains. The park includes both a museum and fountains that are spectacular to view at night.

Museo Nacional de la Muerte

As the name most likely implies, the National Museum of Death is a unique museum experience just a short trip away from the Aguascalientes International Airport (about 3.2 km from the Thrifty Car Rental). Here visitors can get a glimpse of how death is celebrated in Mexico throughout various time periods. Though there is a brochure available in English, it is beneficial if you can read Spanish or are traveling with someone who can as the museum descriptions are all in Spanish.