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Boise, ID, USA

Something for everyone in Kansas City

Famous for jazz music, barbecue and rabid sports fans, Kansas City, Missouri, is a fun travel destination. No matter what your interests are, the city has something cool to check out. Catch a big game, learn important history and see beautiful works of art by stopping by the three spots recommended for smart travelers.

Arrowhead Stadium

Find some red clothing and drive your Kansas City rental car to 1 Arrowhead Drive, the site of Arrowhead Stadium and the home of the Kansas City Chiefs National Football League team. You may also want to find some earplugs, as Chiefs fans are known as some of the loudest in the entire sport. With a capacity of almost 80,000, the volume turns all the way up when the team is playing well. During a 2014 game, the crowd noise at Arrowhead reached 142.2 decibels, a world record for the loudest stadium crowd in recorded history. Arrowhead Stadium opened in 1972 and was renovated within the last decade, giving the building a modern feel while not taking away from its old school charm.

National World War I Museum

At the completion of World War I in 1919, residents and leaders in Kansas City raised money and designated land to construct a memorial to those who were lost in the war. That idea was expanded up to make the National World War I Museum, located at 100 W. 26th St. With original artifacts and documents, videos and recreations, the museum gives an in-depth look at what transpired during the first great war. Visitors can sit in exact duplicates of trenches and explore interactive graphics to gain a greater understanding of the conflicts and comprehend all that was lost during the war's five years. History buffs or curious travelers will not want to miss the National World War I Museum.

City of Fountains Tour

Kansas City is the home to several gorgeous fountains and statues, and visitors to the city have a great opportunity to explore them by taking a City of Fountains Tour. Drive you Kansas City rental car to 104 West 9th St. and learn about why the city specializes in these grand works of art. There are 32 fountains in the downtown area alone, the oldest one dating back to 1899. Many of the fountains have important historical significance, making the tour an interesting way to learn about the city as a whole.