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Car rental Los Angeles means fun in the City of Stars!

Bright sun, warm beaches and tons of glamour are all hallmarks of Los Angeles. This Southern California destination is the second-largest city in the U.S. and has a ton to offer travelers. Whether you're looking for something low-key or you want to embrace that famous Los Angeles energy, you can find plenty of activities to suit your style.  Check out a car rental Los Angeles to visit all of the great attractions - man made and natural both!

Automotive history

The first automobile hit the streets of Los Angeles in 1897, and the city has been in love with cars since. You can take your Los Angeles rental car to the Los Angeles Automotive Museum or the Nethercutt Collection to learn about the history of cars and check out models throughout the years. Both museums allow visitors to take tours, but they must be scheduled ahead of time. The Nethercutt Collection features antique to post-war cars, and the Automotive Museum has a rotating collection that includes early models of cars all the way up to the latest innovations. If you'd like to see a particular car, the Los Angeles Automotive Museum has a searchable database that includes all the cars they have on display.

Beautiful sights

One of the greatest things about Los Angeles is its blend of city and nature. To experience some of the environmental beauty LA has to offer, drive your Los Angeles rental car to Topanga State Park. There you can enjoy California's grassland and gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean. Trails are open for hiking and horseback riding, and there are picnic areas for you to rest and have a meal in the fresh air. One find that might surprise you is the Venice Canals Walkway. These man-made canals in the Venice section of Los Angeles were made in 1905 and are meant to capture the feel of Venice, Italy. Walking through the canals will give you a peaceful moment to reflect and relax. 

Surf's up

No one can deny Los Angeles' surfer spirit. Even if you've never touched a board in your life, you can catch a wave in the City of Angels. Take a surf class to learn how to keep your balance, ride the waves and not wipe out. If you're particularly adventurous, you can sign up for a surf trip with Eat Sleep Surf. On the trip, you'll spend a day or an overnight surfing along the LA coastline, then enjoy the sites and a bonfire with your fellow surfers.