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Thrifty Car Rental –Oakland (OAK)

7600 Earhart Road
Oakland, CA 94621
Phone: 877-283-0898


Sitting on the edge of the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland offers a sunny escape from day-to-day life with its year-round attractions that are perfect for any couple or individual without little ones to entertain. With more than 390,000 people calling the city home, the city is jam-packed with delectable attractions that will surely lure you out of your Oakland car rental more often than you'd expect. Come in and stay for a while! The weather is always fine.

Cultural escapes
Who says you have to travel across an ocean to experience a foreign culture? Oakland's diverse population and ethnic makeup have prompted a number of unique cultural offerings in the city that are perfect for any seasoned individual. Enjoy the tastes of Asian nations in the city's Chinatown. While not nearly as large as nearby San Francisco's Chinatown, Oakland's beautiful cultural center is far less crowded, so park your Oakland rental car and enjoy the tastes, smells and sights of this dynamic neighborhood. If you're in the mood for some European flair, head to the water's edge to enjoy a gondola ride on Gondola Servizio. Daily cruises are perfect for any traveller looking for a romantic or relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

Literary pursuits
Bibliophiles flock to Jack London State Historic Park, the site of the writer's home until his death in 1916. However, visitors who aren't fans of "White Fang" will still find the pastoral setting to be a highlight of the city, so a stop in your Oakland car rental is most certainly in order. Miles of meadows, lovely forest groves and even a few ancient redwoods make this a spot that cannot be overlooked.

Tee off
After a long day of exploring, few things can be quite as comforting as a few rounds at one of Oakland's fine golf courses, so park your Oakland rental car and get to the greens! Montclair Golf Shop provides great amenities for practicing your driving and overall game, while the historic Sequoyah Country Club provides beauty that is as seasoned as the game itself. With tennis courts and a swimming pool also on site, family members who don't agree on sports can still join each other in a visit to this dynamic sporting club.