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Point your Salt Lake City Rental Car to these Destinations

Salt Lake City was once home to the Winter Olympics. It's also host to a major genealogical research center where people from across the globe go to seek information on their family’s ancestry. If you're heading to the area, don't forget to take your Salt Lake City rental car to these exciting destinations:

Salt Lake Bicycle Tours

This town has a thriving cyclist scene, full of people who bike commute to work, run errands and just plain enjoy peddling themselves around the city. Join in on the fun with an awesome bike tour. You'll hop on a two-wheeler, add a helmet to your head and hit the road. Your guide will take you along some of the city's 53 miles of bike lanes, past farmers markets and booming local business, all with the majestic Wasatch Mountain Range in the distance. The bikes are comfy and come with wide seats, so don't worry if you're not a super great cyclist. Anyone can enjoy this rambling outdoor bike journey through Salt Lake!

Utah's Hogle Zoo

If you're looking to see lions in Utah, this is the place to go. Hogle Zoo has hundreds of awesome animals and birds that visitors can see in their natural habitats. You can board the zoo train between the lion exhibit and the savanna animals, or take a spin on the Conservation Carousel where 42 hand-carved animals can't wait to take you on a quick ride. For a more personal look at some of the zoo residents, watch a show at Rocky Shores where the sea lions and seals can do trick s and display their personalities. There are also elephant and bird shows for those interested in learning about pachyderms and their avian friends.

Clark Planetarium

Have you ever wanted to “see what's out there”? That's this facility's motto! Drive over to the Clark Planetarium where you can watch an Imax film about the moon, astronauts, and even butterflies. Then head to a light show (held Thursday through Saturday) to check out the Dark Side of the Moon, Rock on Demand and short films about classic bands like U2 and Led Zeppelin. There are also some amazing free exhibits on site, like one featuring photographs taken from the Hubble Telescope. Check out the Foucault pendulum too. You won't be able to tell what is moving - you or the exhibit! 

Thrifty Cars in Salt Lake

A new Thrifty rental is the best way to get yourself around in the Salt Lake area. Navigate to all your vacation attractions or business destinations in the car you desire with top customer service to help your trip go smooth and efficiently.