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Seattle Attractions

Seattle serves as a major regional hub for the Pacific Northwest region, and offers the perfect tranquil retreat for any newly-minted empty nester or seasoned retiree. The car of your choice will help you navigate this hip and growing city. Home to more than 600,000 residents, Seattle is a mecca of urban amenities surrounded by the beauty of Washington state. From urban parks to community markets, museums to skyscrapers, Seattle has it all - and you can make up the ultimate itinerary for your stay in the area. There is always an available breath of fresh air during a ferry ride or a hiking trip – because Seattle's urban amenities are offset by its close proximity to both water and mountains. Get ready to experience this popular, fun and notoriously rainy city.

Kiss the Stars

The Seattle Space Needle is probably the city's most famous landmark. Visitors take in 360-degree views of Puget Sound, skyscrapers, Mt. Rainier, Lake Union and the endless parade of daily city life below. If this view isn't good enough on its own, the onsite Swarovski Telescopes provide a closer look at anything you may want to see. Hungry travelers can enjoy an app or a meal at SkyCity Restaurant, where you can bask in the city's glow while sipping on champagne. This classic Seattle landmark is a symbol of the city's hustle and bustle, progressive attitude and modern sense of romance.

A Day in the Park

Volunteer Park is home to a variety of amenities and exciting features. At the Volunteer Park Conservatory, you can meander through a historic structure that houses plant species from across the globe. Originally constructed in 1912, the Conservatory represents Seattle's longtime passion for floral conservation. Also located in the park is the Seattle Asian Art Museum. This much-loved mecca of Asian Art will inspire and delight art enthusiasts and cultural aficionados.

To Market, to Market

It’s also an easy drive over to Seattle's Pike Place Market. This fun and influential marketplace offers vendors from across all industries. Independent merchants create and sell antiques, food, clothing, jewelry, gifts and numerous other goods and services. With a number of amazing and interesting restaurants found here as well, you'll be able to shop ‘til you drop and not have to worry about trekking across the city for a delicious gourmet meal. In business since 1907, this unique and large market is open seven days a week, offering unparalleled market shopping accessibility and variety.

Behind the Wheel in Seattle

So many Seattle travelers make Thrifty their first stop upon arrival. We’ll get you in and out quickly, and our customer service representatives make everything easy for you. Experience the freedom of navigating throughout this great city in a new comfortable vehicle – as large as a luxury SUV or as small as the sports car you always wanted to cruise in.