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Thrifty Car Rental –Waikiki (TLE)

3147 North Nimitz Highway
Honolulu, HI 96819

Phone: 877-283-0898

Make your way in your Honolulu rental car

While you can't drive all over Hawaii in a rental car (you'll have to fly at some point!), having this amenity can be super helpful if you're looking to do some adventuring. Drive your Honolulu rental car to these sweet spots:

Iolani Palace
Drive your Honolulu rental car to 364 South King Street, where you can visit the palace that Queen Liliuokalani and other members of the royal monarchy once lived in. This National Historic Landmark is just a 14 minute, 2.6 mile drive away from downtown Waikiki and offers visitors a glimpse into the rich history of the Hawaiian native culture.

Walk through the palace, which was once a living quarters, to see its restored grandeur, rich furniture and colorful paintings. You can just imagine the queen sitting down to a dinner of succulent pig in the dining room. You can tour the building with a docent or bring along a device for the audio tour. Then head to the basement to see the gallery exhibits. Tours take between an hour and 1.5 hours, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Diamond Head
Does your family enjoy hiking and being amongst nature? Visit Diamond Head, also known as Leahi. This state monument, located on the southeastern shores of Honolulu near Waikiki, is a giant 760 foot crater. It's called Diamond Head because the British sailors who discovered the area in the 19th century thought they found the expensive rocks here. Instead, they were actually calcite crystals that were worth nothing. There are two sets of stairs to climb the crater, and you can even go beneath it into the underground areas that were once used as military bunkers. You'll want to bring water to keep hydrated on this hike; it can get very hot and humid.

Rainbow Scuba
One of the most well-known facts about Hawaii is that it is surrounded by incredible marine wildlife. Head to Rainbow Scuba to strap on an air tank and facemask to head below the surface and take a peak. You can hop on the boat and make your way on a guided scuba tour of the coast near the Sea Tiger or YO-257 San Pedro shipwrecks. White-tip reef sharks, eagle rays and plenty of tropical fish have made these sunken vessels their home. You don't even need prior experience! The guides will teach you the necessary operational and safety information to get you comfortable and in the water in no time.