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Washington, DC, USA

Thrifty Car Rental –Washington DC (IAD)

23320 Autopilot Drive
Dulles, VA 20166
Phone: 877-283-0898

Maybe you took the kids to our nation's capital when they were small. Now that it's just you and your spouse at home, why not try Washington, D.C., with a more adult itinerary? This political, highly educated and culturally significant region is both historic and modern, unique and representative of the American people. Your Washington, D.C., car rental will help you navigate your way throughout your trip. Get in your Washington, D.C., rental car and explore all this city has to offer!

American icons
No trip to Washington, D.C. would be complete without visits to the city's many national attractions, so use your Washington, D.C. car rental to experience each iconic landmark at your own leisure. The National Mall, aside from being the famous location for numerous influential speeches and events, truly lives up to its namesake: it serves as a promenade for the masses. The National Mall is also home to the iconic Lincoln Memorial, a tribute to the United States' 16th President. You'll also want to make sure you catch a glimpse of the White House and the United States Capitol Building while you're in the neighborhood - these two dramatic buildings have housed numerous discussions, debates, decisions and, of course, Presidents.

Just another day in the neighborhood
While you're in the city, park your Washington, D.C. rental car and take a stroll around the legendary Capitol Hill neighborhood. This historic community is comprised of quaint row homes, 19th century manors, brick townhouses and other architectural gems. Walking along quiet residential streets will relax and impress most visitors, but those looking for more action can check out Pennsylvania Avenue, where they'll discover tree-lined streets that are home to shops, urban lofts, restaurants and a variety of boutiques.

Museums galore
Although it's easy to spend your days exploring the city's many Smithsonians, there are many other exhibits to explore, so be sure to branch out! Check out the International Spy Museum to get the lowdown on some of history's most intriguing secrets. Here, you can also pick up equipment and take a GPS-guided tour of Washington, D.C., where you'll see the city through the eyes of an international spy. The Newseum should also top your list -  here, you'll learn about the public's relationship to the press. Permanent exhibits at the Newseum include the News Corporation News History Gallery, NBC News Interactive Newsroom, the Berlin Wall Gallery and the 9/11 Gallery.

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