See the Red Sandstone Beauty in Your Thrifty Rental Car

Sedona, Arizona, is most popular for its striking red sandstone rock formations that offer breathtaking views, especially at sunrise and sunset. Take a drive through in your Thrifty rental car to rejuvenate and experience this oasis of beauty in the heart of the Arizona desert.

Red Rock State Park
This park features red rock sandstone just outside of the city of Sedona. A short drive in your Thrifty rental car, Red Rock State Park offers stunning views of Cathedral Rock and the Mogollon Rim. Stop by the visitor center where you can interact with interpretive exhibits, enjoy a movie in the theater and pick up some souvenirs in the gift shop. If you like hiking, the park has a network of hiking trails totaling five miles. You can also get some fresh air while you mountain bike or horseback ride on the adjacent U.S. Forest Service land.

Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive
Take a drive around this beautiful route in your Thrifty rental car. The Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive is about 14 miles, starting in Sedona and following Route 89A all the way to Flagstaff, Arizona. The route has been recognized as one of the Top 5 Most Scenic Drives in all of America (Rand McNally). For some great pictures of the red sandstone landscapes, this is a breathtaking way to see the sights without getting your shoes dusty. This breathtaking stretch of winding road climbs more than 4,500 feet from the outskirts of Sedona to the top of the Mogollon Rim. Whether you decide to descend from Flagstaff or ascend the route from Sedona, the drive is equally worth the fuel as you slowly make your way through picturesque forests and desert. The canyon opens up to the foliage of oaks, with evergreen pines dotting the incredible backdrop of red sandstone rock and cliffs.

Slide Rock State Park
Another state park just outside of Sedona, Slide Rock State Park offers visitors the wonder of a natural water slide formed by the slippery bed of Oak Creek. Drive your Thrifty rental car just seven miles north of the town of Sedona to find this park — situated on the Coconino National Forest and co-managed by the Arizona State Parks agency and the U.S. Forest Preserve. Sights to enjoy include the tall red rock formations that are typical of this region, as well as a 43-acre working apple farm. Attracting over 250,000 visitors every year, the park offers three hiking trails: Pendley Homestead Trail (.25 miles), Slide Rock Route (.3 miles) and Clifftop Nature Trail (.25). In 2014, Slide Rock was named one of Fordor's Travel top 10 state parks in the United States. Most recently, USA Today readers voted Slide Rock as the fifth best swimming hole in the country.