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See all of Fairbanks in your rental car

You may not have considered a vacation to Alaska before as it’s over a day’s drive or a three hour flight from the U.S.’s Northern border, but if you’re looking for someplace new to explore, Fairbanks, Alaska benefits from extended summer hours so you’ll have plenty of time and dry weather explore the last frontier in your rental car.

A Modern Frontier Town
Despite having most every convenience and big box store you’d find in the rest of America, Fairbanks remains unique by effortlessly blends its frontier past and native Alaskan spirit throughout the city. From traditional Alaskan experiences like panning for gold, dog-sled rides, and riverboat cruises on the Chena River, you’ll enjoy all the conveniences of a major city with a bonus of awesome natural beauty and wildlife just a few miles away when you rent a car.

George Parks Highway
Simply called the “Parks Highway,” this is the main road from Fairbanks to Anchorage and briefly runs through Denali State Park. Despite the highway being one of the most traveled in Alaska, you’ll be amazed at how scenic is it! In addition to the endless backdrop of mountains, including Mount McKinley, and forests, you will likely see an array of wildlife and come across several local places to eat. If you have a car rental, this road will also get you to the gates of Denali State Park.

Northern Lights
Fairbanks is ideally located in one of the best locations to see the aurora borealis. The northern lights can been seen from Mid-August to April. The city is accustom to tourists coming to see the lights, and there are plenty of locals who will offer tips to ensure you see them on your stay. The lights are usually seen late at night when it’s cold, so rest up, dress warm, and head out on a night-time road trip in your rental car for a site you won’t soon see again.