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Discover Phoenix from the Comfort of your Rental Car

Phoenix is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US, and it’s the place where you can enjoy outdoor activities year round in a beautiful climate. You will definitely want to have a Phoenix rental car to uncover the southwestern style, reddened hillsides and much more.

Visit an Arizona Castle

Who can resist visiting a castle? Once you've spotted Tovrea Castle perched atop Carraro Heights, you will want to turn your vehicle right up the hill to explore everything about it! Modeled by Italian immigrant Alessio Carraro - after palaces he had found in his own hometown - the tiered beauty has been owned by the city of Phoenix since 1993. Although you're sure to be wowed initially by the castle's exterior, once inside, the rounded walls, antique furnishings and rich wood finishes will give you the big picture of just how elegant southwestern style can be.

The Desert is Never Dull

After seeing some of the lovely arid environment plants around Tovrea Castle, you may begin to have a penchant for seeing some more desert flora. As many local green thumbs will tell you, there are few better places to see in Phoenix than the Desert Botanical Garden. The garden is one of only 44 official botanical gardens in the United States. You'll find yourself falling in love with more than prickly pears in this aromatic, vibrant landscape. The gardens are home for 139 certified rare, threatened, or endangered plant species from around the world,

Phoenix Culture at the Heard Museum

The Heard Museum is one of Phoenix's oldest cultural attractions - the city was incorporated in 1881 - and remains a timeless treasure to this day. This museum specializes in a number of exhibitions that detail Native American cultures of the American Southwest, with exhibits featuring everything from traditional Hopi katsina dolls to a range of tribal easel art that date back to the early 1900s. Modern-day artists will also come to the museum to host live demonstrations of their craft, and provide a contemporary perspective on First Nation art and culture that cannot easily be found anywhere else.

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