What's so special about business class?

3/23/2015 5:20:01 PM 

If you are engaging in business travel, you may have never experienced the amenities of flying business class. While coach can be a perfectly fine experience, there are some perks to upgrading your seat.

Extra room
If you are going to be on a long flight, you may want some extra leg room. Business class offers much more spacious seating to allow for a more comfortable flight. You can even make your seat go entirely horizontal if you want to take a snooze and feel right at home.

Early check-in and boarding
If you want to get on the plane as quickly as possible and not have to worry about people jostling you as they attempt to shove their luggage in an overhead bin, you may want to consider flying business class. These ticket holders can check in ahead of time, avoiding long lines at the airport and they board the plane before everyone else. This means they can start their in-flight movie or even nap for 20-or-so minutes before other passengers. You also get to de-plane first, making for a quick and easy transition from the plane to the airport and out to the car rentals area. 


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