Better ways to pack your toiletries

2/2/2015 6:00:01 PM

When you're heading to airport security for business travel, it can be daunting to consolidate your toiletries. However, effectively packing these belongings will not only will this help you get through security quicker, you will have less to carry and your luggage will be more organized. Try these tips to pack your toiletries more efficiently:

Add a cotton ball or makeup removal pad to powdered makeup like eye shadow or foundation to keep it from breaking as you travel. Use a clean contact case to hold liquid makeup like concealer. This way you don't need to bring the entire container. 

Store bobby pins in a Tic Tac case so they're not floating at the bottom of your purse or dopp kit. Clip hair binders onto a carabiner to keep them together.

Liquid Packables
Instead of continually buying travel size shampoos, soaps and other bathroom essentials, purchase empty travel size containers and fill them from your larger home one. This goes for toothpaste, lotion, conditioner and more.

Ever reached into your bag only to cut yourself on your razor? Cover the head with a binder clip (black metal piece with two handles that you pull back and then squeeze to open the clip) and you won't have to worry about it.

Store polish, a nail file and a clippers in a glasses case. No more broken polish or chipped nails for you!



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