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World of Destinations in One City

Berlin is a big city with attractions on everything from technology to rock and roll history. Once you land at the airport and pick up your Berlin rental car, it’s important to have a plan for how to make the most of your visit. To help you, we put together the list of destinations below. Take a look for ideas on where to go during your visit. Then, once you pick up your Berlin rental car, you’ll be ready to experience this lively city to the fullest.

Pergamon Museum

Set your Berlin Thrifty rental car’s GPS for the Pergamon Museum and take a trip through world history at one of city’s most visited destinations. The Pergamon Museum is just over six miles from Berlin Tegel Airport and offers a beautiful tour through world history. One of the best-known exhibits is the ancient Greek Pergamon Altar that includes a variety of reliefs and statues. Another famous exhibit is Babylon’s massive Ishtar Gate, which was originally built around 575 B.C. and features striking images of bulls, dragons, lions and more. Best of all, these are just two of the museum’s many exhibits.

Chamaeleon Theater

After a busy day of sightseeing, park your Thrifty rental car and rest while you enjoy a show from the Chamaeleon Theater. The performances here mix traditional circus acts, such as juggling and acrobatics, with cabaret, comedy and more. The result is a fun mix of entertainment styles designed to surprise you with each show. Check the schedule and show listings when you’re in town. Then, prepare for a show you won’t forget.

The Reichstag Building

See the meeting place of the German parliament and one of Berlin’s most stunning buildings. The Reichstag was completed in 1894 and has survived many events, including severe weather, a large fire and damage from World War II. Today, it has been restored and is one of Berlin’s most popular destinations. And, once you see the view of the city from the giant glass dome that sits on top of the Reichstag, you’ll understand why its popularity endures. The Reichstag is about 10 minutes from the Berlin Tegel Airport and definitely one of the first places you should visit after landing and picking up your Thrifty rental car.

Fat Tire Bike Tours

Trade your Thrifty rental car for a day of biking through some of Berlin’s most interesting destinations. You can choose from tours focusing on history, contemporary culture and the lavish palaces of Potsdam, just outside Berlin. The tour guides provide many insights into each topic while taking you through scenic paths at easy paces. Berlin is a large city and these tours give you the chance to cover lots of ground while enjoying an up-close look at many sights.

The Ramones Museum

Go for a stroll through rock and roll history during. The Ramones Museum offers plenty to see, do and hear for fans of the band or those interested in exploring more about music history. The museum includes set lists, handwritten songs, instruments from monumental concerts and personal items from the band members. The museum hosts bands and events, too. So, be sure to check the schedule to see what’s happening when you visit.

German Museum of Technology

Get an up-close look at the fascinating history behind the technology we use every day. The German Museum of Technology includes exhibits on railroads and the evolution of the train engine. Another large section of the museum is devoted to aviation technology and includes many historical planes. Plus, there are many hands-on activities for you and your family to learn more.

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