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Fresno, CA, USA

Bulldogs and zoo animals in Fresno

Fresno is Spanish for ash tree. It is located in the U.S. county that hosts the most farm land in the nation. Raisins were introduced to the food industry here when a winery owner, Frances Eisen, missed some grapes and they became raisins on the vine. Today you'll find beautiful California weather with an average high of 98 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 54 degrees in the winter. Visit these three attractions to spend some time enjoying Fresno as a family:

Bulldog Stadium
Do you want to see the Fresno State Bulldogs football team in action at home? Drive your Fresno rental car to 1600 East Bulldog Lane. This stadium opened in 1980 and has hosted the football team since then. In 1995, it also became the host of the Fresno State Bulldogs women's soccer team. Since 2009, the women's lacrosse team has also used the field. There are 41,031 seats available for the home and opposing team fans to cheer for their favorite players. The football team has a winning percentage of just over 75 percent during home games. This field is supposedly one of the most difficult for visitors to play at, and the stadium has been packed with 40,000 or more attendees for 32 games. That's a dedicated group of fans! Join the Red Wave and visit Fresno State to see some hard-working college athletes doing what they love.

Fresno Chaffee Zoo
Do you want to walk among 125 species of beautiful, amazing animals from all over the world? Head to the Chaffee Zoo where you can see Fennec foxes, Malayan tigers, orangutans, red ruffed lemurs and many other animal varieties. There are intricately patterned birds and reptiles here, as well as tall, majestic giraffes and interesting slippery amphibians. While you're here, check out Ross Laird's Winged Wonders Bird Show to learn about the behavior of some of the zoo's avian residents. From April to October, the facility hosts Keeper Chats where anyone can visit with the zoo keepers to learn about their charges, like elephants and sea lions, from the people who know them best. You can even check out the giraffe feeding station where you can feel the tickle of giraffe lips on your hand as they eat hay and veggies. Be sure to stop by to see the flamingos. These funny birds are both brightly-colored and highly entertaining. 

Discover Center
If you like science, drive your Fresno rental car to 1937 North Winery Avenue so you can spend some time at the Discover Center. This museum is a great spot for kids to experience hands-on scientific learning. Unlike most museums where the specimens are kept behind glass cases, this facility is entirely available for touching and play. Admission costs $8 for adults and $6 for children, and will allow you to learn and explore together. Exhibit topics include botany, dinosaurs, electricity, music, live animals and even a collection of American Indian baskets.  You'll leave with fond memories and a renewed interest in science.

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