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New York City, NY, USA

Making your way through New York

The Big Apple didn't have apples until the 1600s when European settlers brought seeds over from their homelands. Today, dairy is the biggest farming industry in the state with over 18,000 farms. New York is not all bright lights and Lady Liberty. Head to these three city staples on your journey to get to know the 11th state in the union. 

Yankee Stadium
The fire department was called in for the first game at this brand new stadium in 1922 in order to control the crowds when the seats were completely packed with 74,200 fans. Thousands were forced to wander about outside, listening as John Phillip Sousa and the Seventh Regiment Band played the National Anthem in Center field. The home team won with the help of recently acquired Babe Ruth's three-run homer. Visit the stadium on any day during the season for a tour of the facilities for an insider’s look at this infamous ball park.

Jefferson Market Library
Drive your New York City rental car to this Greenwich Village Library that was built over the course of 1875-77 and was designed in part by Calvert Vaux, who also took part in designing Central Park. The second floor was once the civil court, the children's room on the first floor a police court, and if you find yourself in the basement reference area you'll be where prisoners were once held on their way to trial and jail nearby and throughout the city. In 1896, the author of "The Red Badge of Courage," Stephan Crane, testified that a women on trail here was not what her accusers alleged, a prostitute. The building has been a library since 1967 and is known for its special collection of more than 150 books on the history of New York City. Locals and tourist alike can appreciate this stunning literary monument.

Film Forum
Cinephiles beware: You may just want to move to New York to frequent this 44-year-old theater's carefully selected independent film screenings. Featuring topics from diverse political, cultural, historical and social realities, this theater is the only independently-owned nonprofit cinema in the U.S. A combination of public funds and a small endowment, including $1.25 million from the Ford Foundation, this theater is able to show lesser known films and stay away from Hollywood blockbusters. The three-screen theater is open 365 days a year for all of your lesser-known cinema needs. Tickets are $13 and can be purchased online or in person.

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