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Visit History in Stockholm — The Venice of the North

Some people refer to Stockholm as “The Venice of the North.” Others say it’s just a good place to meet a lot of blonde-haired people with an affinity for meatballs. The truth is — Stockholm is full of history, culture and coffee. (The average Swede downs four and a half cups per day!) So put on an ABBA track and get ready to go. There is a smorgasbord of things to do in your Stockholm rental car.

Gamia Stan (Old Town)

Party like it’s 1252 in the heart of old Stockholm. Gamia Stan (Old Town) has been up and running since early medieval times. (The winding medieval alleyways, small squares, ancient churches and the Royal Palace really give it away.) We recommend you take your medieval chariot (a.k.a. your Thrifty rental car) and explore everything Old Town has to offer — it’s only 26 miles from Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Stadshuset (City Hall)

You may not immediately recognize this prominent Stockholm landmark, but you will definitely remember the people that have passed through it — Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, Jr., Albert Einstein and Mother Teresa, just to name a few. It’s the site of the esteemed Nobel Prize banquet, held annually in the building’s Blue Hall. Located just 26 miles away from Stockholm Arlanda Airport, this is the most intelligent stop you can make in your Thrifty rental car. Along the guided tour you’ll encounter a 10,000-piped organ and astonishing “Golden Hall” where over 18 million mosaic pieces in gold leaf depict famous scenes from Swedish history.

Moderna Museet (Modern Art Museum)

Despite the stereotype, art in Sweden isn’t limited to what’s in an Ikea catalog. The Modern Art Museum (Moderna Museet) has a long history of featuring the most prominent artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. In the 60s they introduced Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Niki de Saint Phalle to the Swedish people. Today people go for their eclectic collection of Picasso, Dali, Pollock and De Chirico. Best of all, you can keep your Thrifty rental car parked and walk over to National Museum for a completely different cultural experience — it’s full of Renaissance-era artwork.

The Vasa Museum

No visit to Stockholm is complete without touring a 390-year-old warship. The Vasa, back in the day, was nothing short of intimidating — a 172-foot-high and 226-foot-long sail-powered ship loaded with 64 guns and cannons spread across 13,000 feet of deck space. Unfortunately, the ship sank on its maiden voyage, only 1,400 yards from the port. The Vasa now rests in a museum only 27 miles away in your Stockholm rental car from the airport. Climb aboard and see what sea life was like in the 1600s aboard this ornately decorated ship.

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