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Plan a Historical Trip with your Prague rental car

Prepare for a tour through history that goes back more than 1,000 years. In its storied history, Prague has developed architectural wonders, culinary delights and a vibrant culture. Experiencing it all starts with familiarizing yourself with some of the places to go below. Then, once you pick up your Prague rental car from the Thrifty counter at the airport, you’ll be ready to experience this amazing city to the fullest.

Prague Castle

Go big for your first destination by visiting one of the world’s biggest castles. Prague Castle is less than 10 miles from Prague Airport and is a must-visit destination. The history of Prague Castle goes all the way back to 870 A.D. when its first walls were constructed. Since then, the castle has undergone many changes. As a result, it showcases a variety of building styles throughout four churches, four palaces, three halls and an assortment of gardens as well as towers. Prague Castle is also home to museums and art galleries, and it hosts events like the Summer Shakespeare Festival. Be sure to program 119 08 Prague 1 into your Thrifty rental car’s GPS for a visit to remember.

Charles Bridge

For your next destination, take your Thrifty rental car to the Charles Bridge, which crosses the Vltava River. The history of the bridge spans back to 1402 when the bridge helped spark Prague’s economy with routes to import and export goods. That rich history has helped the bridge become one of the city’s most beautiful attractions. Over time, it has grown to feature three bridge towers, dozens of baroque-style statues and 16 arches. It’s also for pedestrians only, so you’ll need to park your Prague Airport rental car and enjoy the Charles Bridge on foot.

Old Town Square

After walking the Charles Bridge, hop in your Thrifty rental car and head to Old Town Square for another walk through history. Old Town Square features a gothic church, memorials and a still-functioning, massive medieval clock.

Stredoveka Krcma Medieval Tavern

This isn’t your typical tavern. It has been open since 1375. The setting, décor and entertainment are influenced by medieval times. In addition to serving great food, the tavern features entertainment from sword handlers, belly dancers, a fire show and more. Many historical figures, including Mozart, have dined here. Make sure you do, too, during your visit to Prague.

Letna Park

When you need to unwind, take your Thrifty rental car to Letna Park. This quiet, quaint park offers winding trails with sculptures and beautiful vegetation. If you’re in town during the fall, you will witness the trees’ leaves in Letna Park change colors, making this destination even more beautiful than usual.

Taste of Prague

Prague is a city known for its food, and this food tour gives you the chance to sample many of the dishes that have earned the city its reputation. At the same time, you will gain some insight into the vibrant culture and people behind the food. As you sample food, talk and learn with your host, the experience becomes more like a night out with a local friends than a simple a tour. So, park your Thrifty rental car for a few hours and enjoy the true flavor of Prague.

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