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New Orleans, LA, USA

Beating the heat in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is the largest city in Louisiana, and one of the most populous cities on the Mississippi River. It is the city's capital and a popular destination for tourists looking to learn about the state's history and have some exciting fun. Visit these attractions to see what Baton Rouge is all about:

Tiger Stadium
Drive your New Orleans rental car to Tiger Stadium to cheer on the Louisiana State University Tigers football team. Nicknamed "Death Valley," this stadium holds over 100,000 people. When at capacity, it's the fifth largest city in Louisiana. The 2014 coach Les Miles has been with the team since 2005 and had led the team through four undefeated seasons. Nearly 93,380 screaming fans and 1,000 members of the media attended the Nov. 3, 2013, game against the Alabama Crimson Tide, making it the most attended football game in state history. The Tigers have an extensive past of playing their games at night, an advantage against visiting teams, and according to's Dennis Dodd, sunset is the Tiger's best weapon. Visit this Baton Rouge stadium to see what really happens when the sun goes down and the Tigers football team comes out to play.

This giant naval ship is a Fletcher-class destroyer. Built in the U.S., the 661st destroyer was named after Rear Admiral Isaac Campbell Kidd Senior who was killed during Pear Harbor. When you visit the ship you may notice she flies an interesting flag, the black and white skull and crossbones of the Jolly Roger. TIME magazine captured the moment the flag originally rose and shared it on their cover during the week the ship first sailed. Captain Kidd was the name of the man the ship was named after, as well as the name of a very famous New York-born pirate. The crew considered the pirate as their mascot. They didn't want to offend the deceased naval officer's wife so they asked Mrs. Kidd if they could officially declare the pirate their mascot. She got permission from the Navy and the crew painted the famous pirate on the ship's smokestack. The USS KIDD is the only U.S. naval ship to fly a pirate flag. Visitors can attend a tour or wander about themselves to learn about the history of World War II and the USS KIDD's part in the war. See a real torpedo and even lay down in a bunk where a naval officer once slept when you drive your New Orleans rental car to see this historic ship.

Blue Bayou Water Park and Dixie Landin' Amusement Park
These exciting attractions are right next to each other, offering the perfect chance for some wet and dry fun. Enjoy the Raginn' Cajun, a roller coaster that drops 14 stories, and Splinter the log flume ride at Dixie Landing. Get your sweets fix at Sweet Magnolia where you'll find popular carnival fare like cotton candy and popcorn. If you're looking to cool off head over to Blue Bayou Water Park to ride the MAMBO, the largest upside down waterslide in the world. You can even race your friends on the High Water Slide, three seven story slides perfect for speed and watery fun. 

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