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Optional Extras: Make Your Escape Even Easier

When it comes to renting a car for your next trip, the list of items that you’ll have to lug along is getting shorter and shorter. Thanks to an array of optional extras from Thrifty, it’s easier than ever to hit the road – whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure – or have special needs.

  • Child Seats (Toddler or Infant). It’s difficult enough to get through the airport with your luggage. Imagine having to cart around a toddler or infant car seat as well. Thrifty allows you to reserve a car seat for your child for around $12 per day*.
  • Navigation Systems. Getting around a new town is no easy task. But why purchase an expensive GPS system that you’ll only use a few of times? Thrifty offers navigation systems for about $11.99 per day*.
  • Ski Racks. Hitting the slopes? For around $8.95 per day*, you can rent a ski rack and free up space for passengers, luggage and other items.
  • DVD Players. Keep the kids entertained on long trips with their favorite movies. Many of Thrifty’s vehicles come with DVD players.
  • Hand Controls. Physically challenged renters can choose left- or right-hand controls.

When reserving your car online or on the phone, be sure to select the options that suit you best. If available, equipment will be confirmed at the car rental counter. Hand controls will automatically be confirmed with 48 hours advanced notice. 

*Prices Vary By Location