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It’s Time to Rent Smarter

Save Time. Save Money. Save the Day.

They say that time is money, but why not have both? Save precious time with hassle-free returns, helpful GPS devices, pre-paid fuel options, and VIP treatment and save a little cash while you’re at it with some of the most competitive rates around. At Thrifty, we’re here to get you on your way as quickly and easily as possible. And the best part about our Thrifty Timesaver® tools is that you choose the options that work for you (because you know you best).

Pre-Paid Fueling Options for Faster Returns

Got a tight connection at the airport with no time to refill the tank? Don’t want to search for a gas station in a sketchy ghost town on a Sunday night with low battery and a bad connection? Then...don’t! Stop wasting time and money at the pump.

Choose from our three refueling options before you drive and leave the hassle of refueling up to us:

●       Pre-pay Fuel — Pay for the gas in the tank when you pick up your rental and bring the car back at any level. You can even bring it back empty if you like living on the edge.

●       We Fuel — Return the car with the gas at any level and pay for the gas you used when we refill the tank (with a small service charge included). No fuss, no muss.

●       You Fuel — Do it old-school and fill the tank back to where it was when you got it.

Blue Chip Membership for VIP Treatment

Tired of filling out the same forms every time you rent a car? We get it. Sign up for our Blue Chip membership and get that velvet rope treatment every time you rent with us.

With Blue Chip, we save your preferences so you can book easily online, pick up your car faster in person, and return it with ease. And the best part is that it’s free to become a member. Sign up for Blue Chip status today and start living the VIP life you deserve.

NeverLost Magellan GPS for Better Directions

Yes, you have a phone with Google Maps. Congrats. But how good is your cell service in the middle of nowhere? And did you remember to pack that extra battery charger? Hmmm…maybe not.

When you reserve a Neverlost Magellan® GPS or NeverLost Navigator + GPS (yeah, we have options) you can travel with the peace of mind of dedicated navigation assistance—and a lot more. Seriously, this isn’t your Dad’s bulky GPS.

The Neverlost Navigator + is a slim portable GPS that gives you:

●       Turn-by-turn directions
●       Traffic and construction alerts
●       Wicked close food and accommodation recommendations

But you also get:

●       Travel guides for over 7 million popular points of interest
●       Easy directions to the closest return facility for easy drop-offs
●       A language translator for foreign adventures
●       Additional discounts for Thrifty customers at select vendors*
●       Portable wifi*

You can even make calls over your car’s speakers with this GPS.* And it doesn’t have to live in your car. You can carry this slim, lightweight GPS in your pocket for truly off-road adventures without ever getting lost. Reserve your GPS today and know that you’re on track for a great trip.


Tolls are terrible. Sitting in line. Digging around for change. Fumbling with paper receipts. What’s worse is that you can actually get pinged for expensive fines on “cashless” tolls roads in some areas if you’re not compliant or if you drive through the wrong lane. Don’t let tolls ruin your trip. Skip the toil of tolls with PlatePass® electronic toll payment system.

PlatePass is backed by American Traffic Solutions, Inc. and works 24/7 for a low daily rate. Click here to learn more about PlatePass (including a list of states that support PlatePass electronic toll payment).

We’re your biggest champion, and we want you to have the best trip every single time. And that means saving you time, money, and stress both during pick-up and drop-off and out there on the road with our suite of Thrifty Timesaver options. Reserve your GPS, VIP membership, PlatePass, or pre-paid fuel options ahead of time and streamline your trip. You’ll never go back to renting cars the same way again.

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