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Sometimes the best way to get to your destination is behind the wheel of a convertible – like if you’re driving along the California coast, exploring the Florida Keys, or road tripping the Hana Highway in Hawaii. If you’re hoping to put the roof down, feel the wind against your skin, and enjoy the journey as much as the destination during your next adventure, Thrifty offers affordable convertible rentals at our many locations across the U.S.

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How to Rent a Convertible

If you’re ready to make your next trip a special one by reserving a convertible, here’s how you can ensure one is ready for you at your Thrifty location.

  1. Fill out the reservation form, including the location and dates of your trip.
  2. In the “Car” field, choose “Convertible”
  3. Choose to Pay Now or Pay Later, enter your contact details, and reserve your car.

Popular Convertible Rental Locations

Are you looking for a convertible car rental in California, Florida, or somewhere else where the sun shines bright? Here are some of our popular convertible car rental locations where you can put the top down and hit the open road. For a full list of Thrifty locations, search here.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Myers





Los Angeles



Palm Springs

San Diego

San Jose

San Francisco


Convertible Rental Car Types

There’s nothing like the feeling of endless sky above you and the open road in front of you. Renting a convertible for your next adventure will ensure the journey is just as memorable as the destination.

When it comes to choosing a convertible rental car type, you’ll find Ford Mustang convertibles at Thrifty and similar makes and models.* The modern Mustang is refined, powerful, and the ultimate travel companion for a road trip.

*Contact your Thrifty location directly to find out what make and models of convertibles are available.

Ready to make the journey as memorable as the destination?

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Top US Rental Car Locations

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