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Additional Rental Car Drivers

It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s who you have beside you.

Share the adventure by opting in for an additional driver on your next Thrifty car rental. By sharing the drive, you and your travel companions will get to experience the journey and the destination. Read through our FAQs below and learn how to add driver’s to your next rental car reservation.

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Why Would I Want to Add an Additional Driver?

  • Sharing the driving on long journeys.
  • Flexibility to have your spouse or travel companion drive.
  • Convenience of having an additional driver.

When do I sign up an additional driver? 

Ideally, when you arrive at the time and place designated in your reservation. However, additional drivers can be added at any time during a rental provided the term and conditions are complied with.

What do I need to become an additional driver? 

You must have the following:

  • A Valid Driver’s License.
  • Present an acceptable credit card or debit card (if renting city accepts debit cards) in their own name or a current round-trip ticket (air, train or bus)
  • Read and sign the Thrifty Rental Agreement.

How many additional drivers can I have for my rental car? 

The number of additional drivers is limited to the number of passenger seats in the vehicle rented.


Terms & Conditions

Individuals not automatically covered on the Rental Agreement as Authorized Operators noted above may be signed on as an "Additional Authorized Operator" (AAO). AAO's must be present and may be signed on to the rental agreement at the time of rental or during the rental at any US corporate location.

Renter and each AAO must be present to sign Rental Agreement, present an acceptable credit card or debit card (if renting city accepts debit cards) in their own name, or a current round-trip ticket (air, train or bus), show valid driver's license, and must be a minimum of 20 years of age. For those 20 through 24, the location's age differential fee will apply.





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