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Rental Cars for Handicapped Drivers

At Thrifty, we want to make your rental experience as easy and convenient as possible. A full range of special services are available to both the Thrifty customer and any member of the traveling party with physical disabilities. The basic services we offer are detailed here. If you need additional information or assistance, please ask a Thrifty representative.

Accessibility Hand Controls - Thrifty Rental Cars

Hand controls

At U.S. locations, cars equipped with hand controls are available at no extra charge. Reservations for cars equipped with hand controls can be automatically confirmed with as little as 8 hours notice at major airport locations, and as little as 24 hours notice at other major locations.*

One-way rentals of hand-control cars are permitted without any extra cost for the special equipment. However, certain restrictions and intercity fees do apply to all one-way rentals. Please check for details at time of reservation.

*While Thrifty is able to provide hand controls on certain vehicles within our fleet, due to customer safety concerns and vehicle availability considerations, we cannot provide adaptive driving devices on every model or confirm a particular make or model for a reservation.
Accessibility Spinner Knobs - Thrifty Rental Car

Spinner Knobs

Steering wheel spinner knobs are also available at many U.S. locations to assist drivers who need them. Please request at time of reservation. Reservations for cars equipped with spinner knobs can be automatically confirmed with as little as 8 hours notice at major airport locations, and as little as 24 hours notice at other major locations.
Accessible Parking - Thrifty Rental Car

Accessible Parking

All Thrifty corporate locations have designated accessible parking at car return areas. When returning your rental car to a Thrifty location, you should inform the Thrifty representative of any special needs, and they will direct you to the accessible parking area.

Easy Access Bus

For Thrifty customers using wheelchairs, our new Easy Access bus provides an electrically-operated ramp as well as two ADA* compliant wheelchair positions. Wider doors, spacious aisles, and waist high luggage racks are also designed to make traveling easier and more comfortable.

*Americans With Disabilities Act

Drivers for People with Visual or Physical Disabilities

Drivers for the blind or physically challenged who hold a valid driver's license and are at least 25 years of age may drive a Hertz car rented by the person for whom they are driving. Such drivers are considered to be authorized operators under the terms of the Hertz Rental Agreement. When reserving a car, you must advise Hertz that you are visually or physically challenged and that you will be renting a car and providing a licensed driver. You must also be present at the Hertz counter at the time of rental.
For speech and hearing-impaired customers, please contact us at

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