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Thrifty Car Rental is here for your needs.
Go for a ride with Thrifty. Hand Controls and Spinner Knobs
Thrifty will provide and install hand controls upon the request of any renter with a disability who can operate a motor vehicle with the aid of hand controls, subject to availability of hand controls, vehicles and trained installers. When a reservation is booked at least 24 hours in advance of the rental, confirmation of the availability of hand controls will be made at the time of the rental. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate any request for hand controls for a reservation with less than 24 hours' notice. There is no additional charge for hand controls, including one-way rentals. Customers who request hand controls must present a valid driver's license and satisfy Thrifty's minimum age requirements and other driver qualification requirements at the time of rental.

Steering wheel spinner knobs are also available at the request of a renter with a disability, subject to the same restrictions and criteria as are set forth above as to hand controls.
Everyone rides with Thrifty. Split Rentals/Authorized Drivers
Some individuals with disabilities cannot drive vehicles due to the nature of the individual's disability. A customer with a disability may rent a vehicle from Thrifty when accompanied by another individual designated to drive the rented vehicle.

The individual with the disability shall be considered as the Renter and must present a qualified method of payment and otherwise meet credit qualification requirements at the time of rental, along with photo identification. The driver must appear at the time of rental, present a valid driver's license and satisfy Thrifty’s minimum age requirements and other driver qualification requirements. The driver will be treated as an additional Authorized Driver. There is no additional driver fee or charge assessed for such rental.
Adjust our vans for your needs. Removal of Center and Rear Van Seats
Customers with disabilities who use service animals or personal aids such as wheel chairs or motorized scooters may require additional space for storage. To provide space for the service animal or to facilitate the storage of personal aids in rented vans and minivans, Thrifty will remove the center and/or rear van seat at no charge if the vehicle is returned to the renting location or a different rental location. If the vehicle is returned to a different rental location, the removed seat will be shipped to the rental location where the van is returned and a shipping fee for the actual cost of shipping the seat will be assessed.

To Make a Reservation

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