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Save Time at the Tolls with PlatePass® All-Inclusive Tolling

Driving local?  Opt-in to PlatePass®,a pre-paid toll service from Thrifty Car Rental, and bypass toll booths on your drive. No more waiting in long lines searching for coins,cash or waiting for receipts. With PlatePass®, you'll cruise right through traffic in the express lane.

With PlatePass®, you'll cruise right through traffic in the express lane. In areas where toll roads have converted to All Electronic Tolling, you should check with the tolling authority for other available payment options. If your travels lead you to a toll road where there is no option to stop and pay cash for the tolls, PlatePass® is the perfect solution. Check out PlatePass®.com for a list of participating toll roads.

“NOTE: If you decline the optional PlatePass All-Inclusive service at beginning of the rental period, but still use electronic toll roads and/or bridges during the rental period (including “cashless” or “all electronic” toll roads and bridges, as noted above), you will be liable for and we will charge you: (a) all tolls incurred for such use (at the highest, undiscounted applicable toll rate); (b) a $15.00 administrative fee (FL - $9.99 per occurrence) for each toll incurred (subject to a $90.00 cap for such toll-related administrative fees for the rental period); and (c) all other applicable toll charges or fees, if any.”

PlatePass® gives your Thrifty rental vehicle unlimited 24-hour toll usage for a low daily rate. It’s available in the following states – just ask for it at your Thrifty counter!

        Northeast/Mid-Atlantic states:

              New Hampshire
              New Jersey
              New York
              North Carolina
              Rhode Island
              West Virginia

        Midwest States:


        Additional States:

              Washington State

PlatePass®  All-Inclusive Tolling is provided by American Traffic Solutions, Inc.    Ask for it at the counter!


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