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"Booty and the Beasts" wins Thrifty Car Rental's "Honeymoon Disaters" contest


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Tulsa, Okla., January 27, 2005 -  For newlyweds, honeymoons are supposed to be the celebration of a new life together and not an episode of When Animals Attack. Lynn and Steven Curran of Chester, Maryland, had so many close encounters with wild critters – enough to fill several “nature run amok” movies – they must have wondered if somebody was trying to tell them something. In spite of their beast-plagued honeymoon, the couple was recently crowned the grand-prize winner of Thrifty Car Rental’s 10th Annual Honeymoon Disasters® Contest.

For surviving their postnuptial trauma, the couple was awarded a second honeymoon courtesy of Thrifty Car Rental, the contest sponsor. As winners, the Currans will receive roundtrip airfare to a destination of their choice in the continental U.S., three nights hotel accommodations, a four-day car rental from Thrifty Car Rental and $500 spending money. (See for details).

Things started off mundanely enough for the Currans in Cancun, Mexico, with predictable occurrences like sunburn. That’s when the couple decided that a moonlit swim in the ocean might be just what the doctor ordered for their lobster-red skin. “No one was looking,” said Lynn, “so off went the bathing suits.” As the skinny-dippers frolicked in the waters, it wasn’t long before they realized they had company. Soon, the couple found themselves wrapped in the loving arms of a large jellyfish. “We ran out of the water screaming,” said Lynn, “which told everybody on the beach, ‘Hey, look at the idiots running naked on the beach!’”

The day trip to the zoo wasn’t much better. Swimming through a cavern, the newlyweds took a wrong turn and missed the “closed for repairs” sign. That’s when they found themselves in a pool of algae, surrounded by alligators. “One swam right past me,” said Lynn. “We had to climb up a 30-foot ladder to get out of the water, and we were covered in goo.” That night, the couple ate dinner and went to bed without speaking.

The next morning, when Steven woke up with a bad case of Montezuma’s revenge, Lynn went snorkeling without him. A first-timer when it came to snorkeling, Lynn was entranced by the beauty of the underwater landscape. Then from out of nowhere, she was attacked by a barracuda; fortunately, she was rescued by the nice men driving the boat.

Playing it safe in the hotel pool the next day, Lynn snuck up on her husband to goose him on the backside. That’s when she realized it wasn’t him, but another man wearing identical swim trunks. The couple later canceled a scuba trip when they found out they would be accompanied by the man she had pinched.

“The only thing we did from that point on was sit around and eat,” said Lynn. “I gained 10 pounds in one week and came home with a lot to talk about.”

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