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Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc. Canadian Privacy Policy

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc. and its affiliates in Canada (collectively “Thrifty”, “we”, “our” or “us”) are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information ("PI"). We respect your right to know the categories of PI we collect and how we secure, use and distribute that information and the choices you have to limit the use of that information.

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (“PIPEDA”) is federal law in Canada and applies to Thrifty’s Canadian operations. PIPEDA regulates the collection, use and handling of PI. According to PIPEDA, we must have your consent to collect your PI. The PI we collect about you will be with your express or implied consent. How we collect PI will depend on how you use our services.

This policy applies to PI you provide to us in Canada, which is held in our database located in Canada and the United States. This policy does not apply to PI you provide directly to Thrifty businesses located outside of Canada, or to PI you provide directly to independent franchisees or licensees of Thrifty or its affiliates in Canada. Where you provide PI to a location operated by an independent franchisee or licensee, the franchisee’s or licensee’s privacy policy will apply.

You should note that PI does not include the name, title, business address or office telephone number of an employee of an organization, or the name, address, telephone number, or such similar information of a person that is publicly available (e.g., such as the information that is available in a public telephone book).

Information we collect about you:

We collect personal information about you when you visit us online, make a reservation, rent a car and/or enroll in any of our loyalty or convenience programs. Although certain circumstances and services may require the provision of additional PI, the PI that we collect from you in order to rent you a car will include at least some of the following information:

Telephone number
Credit card information
Email address
Blue Chip number
Corporate account number
Airline flight information
Preferred vehicle type
Street Address
Date of birth
Drivers license number
Frequent Flyer membership numbers and travel club accounts.

If sign up for other services from us, including any special online marketing promotions, sweepstakes, and online publications, we may collect your email address and other information from you. If you are a travel agent we collect your IATA number and AG Code.

When you visit us online, regardless of whether you provide us any personal information, we collect the address of your Internet Protocol (“IP”) and document the pages you visit on our web site. Your IP address identifies your Internet Services provider, browser software and operating system types, click-stream patterns, and dates and times that you access our site but it does not identify you as an individual. This information is used internally to improve the efficiency of our web site and to monitor the number of visits to our site. We can use IP addresses to protect our services, sites, users or others.

We also use “cookies” to collect and store information. A “cookie” is a file that contains data that a web site server stores on your computer’s hard drive. Your information is stored in the cookies, which allows us to recognize you when you return to our web site and move you through the reservation process quicker. You may avoid the use of cookies by electing to “turn off cookies” on your browser settings, however you will limit the efficiency cookies provides us.

We use third party ad serving technology to serve ads that will link you to our web site. This technology uses information (not including your name, address, or other personal information) to serve our ads to you on third party web sites. A unique third party cookie may be placed or recognized on your browser. You may occasionally get cookies from our business partners if you use the links on our web site to reach their respective web site. We do not control these cookies.

We do not control the information collected by unrelated third party web sites that are linked to our web site. You should review their privacy policies prior to providing any personal information to them.

What measures do we take to protect your information?

Thrifty has taken commercially reasonable technical and managerial measures to maintain data integrity and protect against loss and the unauthorized access, destruction, use or disclosure of your personal information. Technical measures include encryption in the transmission and storage of data, password access and the storage of data on secure servers or computers. Managerial measures include internal organizational measures that restrict access to data only to those whom we designate and for authorized purposes only. Despite these measures, you should be advised that even the most reasonable technical and managerial measures may sometimes fail.

How is the information used and distributed?

1. Non-Marketing purposes:

The information we collect is used by us to:

Process the rental transaction;
Improve our services to you;
Develop programs for you;
Enforce the rental agreement;
Comply with law enforcement agencies.

We use and distribute this information to employees of our subsidiaries, affiliates and franchisees to process, secure and confirm your car rental reservation, to monitor and improve your experience on our web site, and to develop programs based on your rental profile and preferences. We may also use this information from time to time to conduct telephone surveys after the transaction to gauge your satisfaction with our service. To the extent necessary, we may share this information with third parties to process frequent flyer and frequent renter reward programs, to insurance companies to file claims, to third parties for billing purposes or to enforce collection efforts against you, to detect fraud, prevent fraud and/or to comply with law enforcement agencies.

We use email to communicate with you regarding reservations or transactions performed on our web site, as well as to provide you with relevant information about our company. We provide a means to opt out or unsubscribe from emails that we send. All email communication is designed for compliance with the CAN-SPAM ACT of 2003. If you wish to opt out of email communications from us, you may do so through an “unsubscribe” link included in the email, or you may request to be removed from our email list by the Opt Out method below.

2. Marketing Purposes

We also use and share this information with our subsidiaries, affiliates and our independent franchisees in the U.S. and Canada for marketing purposes to develop (i) programs that will enhance your online experience and your rental experience, (ii) services that make travel more efficient, and (iii) promotions that we offer our customers from time to time, including free rental day offers, discounts, and notices about special events and travel destinations that we believe will interest you (“Marketing Purposes”) We will not share your individual personal information with third parties for marketing purposes without your prior consent.

What choices do you have to limit the use and distribution of personal data?

By providing us with your PI, you are giving us your consent to collect, use, transmit and store the personal information you provide to us. However, you have the option to limit the use and distribution of your personal information (the “Opt Out”) for marketing purposes. If you elect to “Opt Out”, your personal information, including your email address, will not be used by us for marketing purposes as described above. After receipt of your Opt Out, you will not receive further communications from us (except for communication via email or phone related to a specific rental transaction, and possibly, a follow-up customer satisfaction survey) and your personal information will not used for marketing purposes. We will abide by the most recent Opt Out received by. See the Opt Out section below.

You also have the option to withhold certain personal information from us except the personal information we require in completing the rental transaction. If you fail to provide us with the information we require to rent you a car, we will be unable to complete the transaction.

What rights do you have to review and correct your personal data?

You have the right to verify and correct your personal information. You can update and change your personal information by contacting us by any of the methods below.

How policy changes will be announced and implemented:

This is our current privacy policy. Our privacy policy may change from time to time. We will post material changes to our privacy policy here. This policy was created February 2005.

How you can contact Thrifty for complaints, questions and enforcement of the policy.

If you want to inquire about our privacy policy, correct your PI or to Opt Out of using your personal information for marketing purposes, you can contact us by using any of the following methods:

Fax: 905-612-8030
Telephone to Privacy Officer: 1-800-667-5925
Email: privacyofficer@dtag.com  
Mail: Privacy Officer, Dollar Thrifty Automtoive Group Canada, Inc.
6050 Indian Line
Mississaugam ON L4V 1G5

Dispute Resolution

If you are not satisfied with the way in which we handle your inquiry, you can contact any of the following:

Thrifty Privacy Officer:
Mail: Privacy Officer, Dollar Thrifty Automtoive Group Canada, Inc.
6050 Indian Line
Mississaugam ON L4V 1G5
Telephone: 1-800-667-5925
Fax: 905-612-8030
Email: privacyofficer@dtag.com

If you are not happy with the way we handle your complaint, you can also contact:

The Privacy Commission of Canada at:

Mail: 112 Kent Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1H3
Phone: 1-800-282-1376
Fax: 613-967-6850

Links to the Privacy Commissioners can be found on the Provacy Commissioner of Canada web site at: http://www.privcom.gc.ca.

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