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Why do you need a company name? What if I'm self-employed, retired or unemployed?
As part of the general rental policies, we need to have additional contact information that includes an employer name and phone.  If you do not work, are retired, or self employed, please enter "retired," "self-employed" or "unemployed" in the field and provide us with an alternative contact phone number.

Why do you need an employer phone number?
As part of the general rental policies, we need an additional method of contact.  This can be an employer phone, mobile phone, or local contact information.  If you are unemployed, retired or self-employed, please enter "unemployed," "retired" or "self-employed" in the company name field and provide us with an additional contact telephone number.

What information is needed to enroll?
All you'll need to enroll is your driver's license and a major credit/debit card. We will also ask you for your address, car preferences and the options you’d like to have on every rental. If you would like to earn rewards with our partners, you’ll need to include your program loyalty number in your profile.

I lost my membership card. How do I request a new one?
Cards can be printed from the website. We no longer send cards via mail.

Why are there 6 partners on the list? Do I have to use all 6? Will I get all 6 rewarded when I rent?
You may store up to 6 different partners in your profile with whom you can earn rewards.   Each time you make a reservation, you can select if you want to change your preferred partner.  If you do not change your primary partner, you will earn rewards or miles from the partner listed as Partner 1.  For more information regarding our partners, please see our partners page.

Why do I have to select the Peace of Mind options now?
The Blue Chip Rental Program® is designed to provide speed of service.  You give us all of the information required for the rental in your enrollment.  When you get to the counter, we've already selected your car and pre-printed your rental agreement.  Since you will have selected your Peace of Mind options in your profile, we will not try to sell you any insurance options at the counter.  Please make sure you select the options you want for every rental.

What if I have a P.O. Box for an address?
Our rental policies require a physical address in order to rent a vehicle.  P.O. Boxes are welcome as a billing address, however, a physical address (work, home or other) needs to be in the street address area.  If a P.O. Box is in the street address, we will inactivate the account until a physical address is provided. Please click here for more questions on general policies.

How long will my membership be valid?
As long as a credit/debit card and driver’s license are valid on your account.

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