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First Time Rental: The First of Many Rental Cars

There’s a first time for everything, but we have a feeling your first Thrifty rental won’t be your last. That’s because we make reservations and drop-offs ridiculously fast, convenient—and dare we say, maybe even a little fun? So whether you've just got your license or are celebrating retirement with a special trip, there's never a wrong time for a first-time rental. Just flash a valid driver’s license and major credit or debit card in your name, and it’s yours (with a few simple steps).

Step 1. Reserve a rental: Do it your way.

●       Reserve online: For those who want certainty (or drained their phone's battery playing games). Reserve your car in seconds online ahead of time—and get Thrifty's best rate, guaranteed—at Simply fill in the information and click submit. We’ll send an email confirmation your way.

                (Channeling your inner saver? You can also search for deals online or enter your destination location to find deals available in that area. High five on your thriftiness!)

●       Reserve by phone: For those who want certainty (and like to rock it old school). Call 1-800-THRIFTY and use our automated voice-activated system or opt to speak with a real, live person any time (really).

●       Reserve through a travel agent: For the wanderlust drivers who’d rather have someone else handle the details. They'll get your booking ironed out while you browse new bathing suits on your phone.

●       Reserve at any Thrifty location in airports, cities, and suburbs worldwide: For us, really. We’d love to see you! We'll take care of the details, while you wonder what you ever did before discovering Thrifty.

Step 2: Pick up your car: Get ready to rock and roll.

●       Show your driver’s license and a major credit or debit card (plus supporting documentation, if needed) to the counter agent. (If you’re lucky enough to be under 25 years old, a daily surcharge applies. Sorry. We promise you’ll grow out of it.)

●       Select or deny optional coverage and pre-paid fuel. (Tell us what you need, we’ve got your back.)

●       Add an additional driver if needed (a.k.a. the person who’ll steer while you snore in the backseat). Give us an autograph. (For the rental agreement. We’ll frame it if you become famous.)

●       Ask our staff for a map. (Yeah, we still have those. Vintage.) Leave the parking facility by flashing your driver’s license and your rental agreement to the parking agent. (We know it’s you, we just want to see that awesome picture in your license again. Nice bedhead.)

Step 3: Enjoy the drive: Slow ride, take it easy.

●       Read our safety tips for a stress-free drive. (We’re not trying to be helicopter parents, we just want your journey to go smoothly.)

●       Remember you’re the only authorized driver, unless you added an additional driver to the agreement. (See above: the person who enables your nap.)

Step 4: Return your car: See you again soon

●       Pull the car up to the rental return, where one of our incredibly awesome agents will meet you to brighten your day and provide your receipt (at most locations). If you don’t want the charge to go on the card you provided at pickup, now’s the time to hand over a different card. (It’s no sweat.)

●       If that agent is tied up with another customer, park the car and head inside to the counter. (We’ll be there to brighten your day in a jiffy, promise.)

●       Make sure you remove all of your personal items from the car. (We don’t need another pair of sunglasses, thanks.)

●       Hop on the Thrifty shuttle or an airport shuttle to take you from the rental return area to your airline counter. (Don’t be a stranger, okay?)

Rentals Are More Satisfying When You Get a Discount
Got a taste for rental cars now? We thought you might. Make your next trip go further by signing up for our Blue Chip Express Rental Program. You’ll get discounted rentals* from Thrifty or frequent flyer miles with your preferred airline. As if you needed another reason to travel!

Like to read the small print? We applaud your thoroughness. Check out our general policies for more information.

* Taxes and fees excluded. Terms apply.

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